About Varsity Assist


Varsity Assist is a student-athlete focused program, we are dedicated to the education and guidance of athletes and their families in the recruiting process. Focused on the advancement of basketball student athletes in the recruitment process in Canada.

Our goal is to help student athletes and their families enjoy the recruiting process by making the difficult challenge less stressful. We help connect athletes and varsity level coaches to make the process easier on both the athlete and families, as well as the coaches. By having this platform, we hope to educate all athletes of the many options they have to play at the next level, after all they are the ones who put in the work to get where they are. So, let us help make all your hard work worth it.


Every year in Canada, hundreds of basketball players and their families are graduating high school. Coming face-to-face with the difficult and stressful process of athletic recruiting. Many athletes wonder how to get recruited into university and college sports asking how do the schools find their recruits?

What if a varsity coach watched a game but you did not play well? Or if you live in a province with only one university or college, how do you get noticed by other varsity coaches? At Varsity Assist we understand what you are going through because we have experienced firsthand the battle and stress of getting recruited. Varsity Assist helps take away the stress of your recruiting journey by easily connecting you and displaying your talents to coaches across Canada.